Between Dusk and Dawn

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Between Dusk and Dawn ✨
Between the moment when the sun sets and when it shines again, the time is conducive to various encounters... We hope you will like these bright colors and this delicate portrait as much as we do...

Image sous licence exclusive avec Oraloa
Toile complète, Taille : 66 x 43cm: 25.98 x 16.93 inches
Diamants ronds : 50 couleurs dont 3 AB
Diamants carrés : 50 couleurs dont 4 AB
Niveau Intermediate Tiki - Version 2
Diamonds: Rounds
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Maud Lamoine

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How to do Diamond Painting?

Become an artist step by step

Be sure to gradually peel off the protective film from the first work area.

Locate the first symbol on the board you want to work on.

On the side of the canvas, locate the corresponding symbol and number in the legend.

Identify the bag of diamonds corresponding to the correct color code.

Gently press the tip of the pen onto the wax.

Place the diamond on the corresponding symbol on the canvas.

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