Pixel Hobby Oraloa - Neptune and Triton

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Number of plates: 9

Number of colors: 74

Full canvas, Size: 30 x 38 cm
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Hannah Lynn

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How to make Pixel Hobby Oraloa?

How does a pixel art symbol work? If you opt for a pixel art project with a symbolic pattern, you will notice that the pattern is divided into several segments.

Each segment of the pattern has 4 symbols, each with numbers, representing a specific color. The symbols correspond to the color numbers located at the back of the pixel squares.

Use the color number (shown on the back of the pixel square) corresponding to the number next to the symbol. The same symbols represent a different color number in each segment of the pattern.

You can slide the transparent base plate over the pattern segment to see exactly where each color pixel should be placed, eliminating the need to count.

Make sure the arrow on the back of the base plate always points in the same direction to maintain the correct orientation.

Place the pixels on the pins of the base plates with tweezers or your fingers, and they will be fixed immediately, without the need for glue or iron.

Once the pattern segment is complete, you can move the base plate to the next pattern segment. Repeat these steps until the base plate is completely filled. You can then proceed with the next base plate, and so on. The pattern will indicate which segment of the pattern corresponds to which base plate.

Is the project finished? You can assemble the base plates with dovetails and frame them!

What do you need?

Become an artist step by step

Base plate

The baseplate has at least 2000 pins (50x40). An arrow is indicated on the back of the base plate. This arrow indicates the orientation of the baseplate and the artwork in pixels. It is important that the arrow always points in the same direction. For example, always up or always to the right.

Optional: Clamp

Our pliers are specially designed for Pixelhobby. Which one is your favorite?


There are 4 notches on the back of the base plate. These notches are for dovetail connectors. These dovetails allow the base plates to be connected together. You can enlarge the project as much as you want by adding other base plates! On the side of the canvas, locate the corresponding symbol and number on the legend.


Does your baseplate keep moving? By using the template you can avoid this problem...

Requirements: Template, transparent folder and adhesive tape.

1. Place the model in a transparent folder.

2. Place the template in the correct position on the model so that all symbols are visible.

3. Stick the template to the base plate using adhesive tape (the plastic case prevents the template from tearing).

4. You can then place the base in the template and start “pixelating”!


Would you like to order a frame for your pixel? The order number for the correct frame can be found on the first page of the pattern, the materials list. Contact us.

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